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Vet In The Fight: Courtland Sykes for U.S. Senate

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Our Vets continue to impress with the desire to serve by investing themselves in their communities and running for public office.

Special Operations Speaks has highlighted a number of the outstanding members of our military as part of our Vets In The Fight® project.

Today, we highlight another great veteran who is running for U.S. Senate – Courtland Sykes.

Sykes, an America First candidate, is putting liberals on notice and taking on the Swamp by challenging Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri.



As SOS reported, Sykes recently endorsed another Vet In the Fight®, Ivan Raiklin, who is also running for U.S. Senate.


Some background Intel on Courtland Sykes

Sykes is a U.S. Navy veteran who enlisted after the September 11, 2001, attacks and served as an intelligence analyst aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard.

While not a SEAL himself, he assisted SEAL Team 5, the Navy Special Warfare Unit 3, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Sykes last of four deployments was at the U.S. Embassy in Panama. He served as a diplomatic envoy from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

According to his website, “Every Navy sailor knows teamwork is the key to success. For every SEAL Courtland worked with, he learned that teamwork was ground into every fiber of the Special Operator’s being at the atomic level.”

Sykes' campaign site states that he will go after the swamp to “target and weed out special interest and self-serving politicians.”

In 2011, Sykes departed the military. He went on to study Constitutional Law and obtained an ALB in Government from Harvard University. While at Harvard, Sykes met and became engaged to Chanel Rion. After Chanel's graduation, the pair returned to Missouri to start a family.

Watch Courtland Sykes Main Campaign Video:


Sykes Key Policy Positions


For more information on Courtland Sykes and his campaign to unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill, visit: https://sykesforsenate2018.com/

If you'd like to donate to Sykes' campaign, click HERE.

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