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As anyone who has maintained them knows, a website is a valuable, yet inconsistent servant.  At best of times, it conveys our beliefs and observations literally to the world.  At its worst, it muffles your message as effectively as a Chinese Virus Mask in church and becomes just as much of a burden.  Your servant is now become your dependent teenager, with an appetite to match. 

Special Operations Speaks (SOS) reached that point where our website was just not acting in our behalf, having undergone several revisions by competent web developers.   But somewhere in the nether world of ‘coding’ the gears were just not meshing … to mix digital and analog metaphors. 

To communicate effectively, you must occupy digital territory in various venues: Facebook and Twitter iconic among them … until now. 

The world of social media has reared its collective head and decided to fight on behalf of the enemies of this republic … the most successful venture in the  dealings of man with man ever devised and blessed by ‘Nature’s God’.  They retaliate against Constitutionalist social media in subtle ways.  Twitter has not changed our Follower tally or our Tweet totals @SpecOpsSpeaks for several years.  Yet we receive notifications of new Followers up to a dozen times per day.  Facebook, seemingly at random, throttles our viewer’s Reached number from the hundreds of thousands per week, down to a few thousands per week.  We’ve gone to Facebook jail a number of times for undefinable breaches of their ‘community standards’, ultimately a kind of Red Badge of courage for Facebook veterans.


Our new website, designed by Cornerstone Unlimited is a bit more dynamic, while being simpler to navigate.  We’ll archive our Special Operations Speaks® and Vets in the Fight® Situation Reports (SITREP) on its own page.  Adjacent will be C-Rations, a mix of break news and ideas for an audience hungering for some plain old TRUTH.   We’ll be adding content all week.  Take a look for a couple of weeks.  Let us know what you find interesting and what you don’t.  


And finally, a request for a donation to SOS amidst a flood of similar requests from politicians … and former presidents … and their hi-paid marketing firms.


None of us has ever drawn a penny from SOS in the past eight-plus years, except as reimbursement for official / infrequent travel and lodging … and often we don’t request reimbursement, spending our own dollars  to keep SOS ‘in the fight’.  The ‘little PAC that could’ was given a thumbs up in 2016 by both Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, at our first Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC).

See our Donate button near the bottom of each webpage.  Donate if you can.

Thank you,

Dick, Ken and Dave

Alek for Oregon … a real-deal Vet in the Fight®


Alek, along with four others, stopped an armed terrorist on a Paris-bound train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015.


Special Operations Speaks is proud to announce our endorsement of Alek For Oregon ... Alek Skarlatos.

When we developed our Vets in the Fight® concept, we had loyal veteran patriots like Alek Skarlatos in mind. More about him soon. 


Go to his campaign website. Donate to this Vet in the Fight® who stepped forward to engage a Muslim terrorist in mortal combat aboard a train in France, and who, today, steps again into the public square to engage our most dangerous domestic enemies at this most critical time in American history. 

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