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The Rage of the Heathen

Hello all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller, with your weekly Special Operations Speaks, Vets in the Fight SITREP. Psa 2:1  Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? First , we mourn the passing of Dennis McCormack, 81

an original plank holder of SEAL Team 1. Our prayers go out to the families of the Marines and Navy Hospitalman lost during amphibious training off the coast of California. As always, there is a cornucopia of news, events and intel to cover. This week we’ll touch on a few of these that run the gamut of the fix we find ourselves in. First of all learn of trusted news sources and stay there. One such source is the show you are listening to right now: The Don Smith Show. Don and Brenda work diligently to vet sources and bring truth to their listeners. This in stark contrast to almost all mainstream media. A good measuring stick to gauge your news source is whether or not they hold accountable those they happen to agree

with. Don and Brenda do just that. You, as the listener, would do well to share this important program with friends and family. Post to your social media so as to counter the growing insurgency seeking to destroy America. Thanks again, Don and Brenda! Covid-19 fear mongering. Our so-called leaders, including our own North Carolina governor Roy Cooper, have subjectively issued unconstitutional edicts all in the name of safety. Cooper recently extended the nebulous “phase II restrictions aimed at bars, gyms and entertainment venues based on the highly suspicious coronavirus death toll. Our state economy will likely sink even further, with more jobs irretrievably lost. These thinly veiled control techniques fly in the face of mounting scientific evidence that overwhelmingly prove that the virus is most certainly not the end-of-life-as-we-know-it great plague. But in true tyrannical fashion Democrat Communists have seized the opportunity to “never let a crisis go to waste”. Sweden which did not follow the World Health Organization admonishment to lockdown, is doing quite well. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, says that tens of thousands of patients with the coronavirus are dying unnecessarily because of the politicization of hydroxychloroquine treatment. That bit of truth in an article from Newsweek, of all places! The freedoms lost, such as assembly (especially in churches), unless, of course you belong to a rampaging cult and burn, steal and injure are an uphill battle to re-acquire. Cities burning as mayors and governors fiddle: Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Baltimore, St. Louis and others are under nightly attack and many of the business victims are the very ones that BLM, Antifa and assorted anarchist insurgents claim to represent: minority shops and stores. We understand that these media described “mostly peaceful” protests are anything but and are spreading into the suburbs at a growing rate. Well funded, organized and increasingly better armed, these enemy combatants are at war with America and Americans. There is no truth in them. As difficult as it is to say, they may be Americans technically, but are not Americans in thought and deed. They dance to the tune of their masters such as George Soros , Marx and Lenin-all three with a deep-seated hatred for God and an open and free society. We may very well come to the point of defending ourselves as police departments are either defunded to the point of irrelevancy or abolished altogether. Please pray for police chiefs, sheriffs, Mayors and councils that they abide in the rule of law. Black Americans have long been the target of the communist machine, BUT, an antivenin is available in the form of BLEXIT, the Frederick Douglas Foundation and Urban Conservative. All three striving to reach urban America with the truth of Democrat history of subjugation. In the meantime, we are under ninety days to the most critical election in our lifetime. Violence and disorder are almost certainly to ensue no matter who is elected president and we must be ready. Do not discount the importance of local and state elections as they are the framework that our daily lives are built upon. To that end, we must reiterate that Vets must register to vote; be a unified voting block; run for elected office and hold those

in office accountable. Be Armed, Be trained, and Have a Plan This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight everywhere. Keep your powder dry and your hatchet scoured. If we take a knee and bow to anyone, let it be to God Almighty and never to man, that He may keep and Bless our exceptional Republic.  DeOppresso Liber.

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