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Keep Fighting for Freedom.

If you are an active service person or a veteran of any branch of the military, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your sacrifice and your commitment to preserving the virtues of our great nation. Vets in the Fight® is our charge to keep you in the war for freedom, even after you leave the battlefield.




As a veteran, you must stay active in the fight to uphold the U.S. Constitution—it’s an inherent duty that doesn’t end after discharge or retirement. The simplest way to carry on this effort is to vote in every local, state and national election. Voting is a privilege of every citizen and a special call to you as a veteran so your voice can be heard.

78% of veterans voted in the last presidential election.


Are you part of the 22%? 

Get out and vote.



Many vets want to play an even bigger role in preserving our nation. SOS is committed to seek out, support and promote veterans running for state and national office.


As battlefield veterans, we know well the toll active duty takes on the body, mind and spirit. As we encourage veterans to stay involved in government, we also encourage our government to support you. Sadly, we understand Washington is not as committed as they should be. But there is help!

Many organizations are dedicated to coming alongside you in support.

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